Introduction: Marble Mason Jar Lamp

This is an extremely simple project that can be customized in so many ways! Simply fill a mason jar with something heavy enough to keep it from tipping over, drill a hole in the lid and install a lamp kit. You can have a new, personalized lamp for less than $20!


  • One mason jar
  • One make-a-lamp kit with lamp socket, power cord, and harp to hang a shade
  • One lamp shade
  • Marbles or other heavy filling material, or a small weight and ANYTHING you want to put it. The possibilities are endless!

Step 1: Make Your Lamp

I like to use a quart jar or bigger, but pick a jar and harp/shade size that match one another. Fill the jar then drill a hole in the lid to insert the lamp socket following the kit instructions. Once it is securely installed, screw lid on tightly. You can use some glue to permanently close the lid, if desired. Attach harp and shade a viola! Done!

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