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Introduction: Marble Tracks on Stilts

About: Hi! I'm Isaac. I'm a 16 year old maker can't keep my hands still. I aspire to show all other young people out there that you can be a great maker, no matter how old you are.

Recently, I posted something called The Boardrun. This recieved a bit of interest from the community.

Then it happened. I wondered If I could build up and away from the board instead of using pegs and rubber bands.

After some experimenting, I now have this.. A marble run on stilts!

I'll walk you through on how to use it in this instructable.


A pegboard. It has to be made to fit your skewers. Check out how to make one here.

Wooden skewers

Rainbow loom rubber bands




Step 1: Making a Track

To show the straws, I'll be using short pegs. To get my result, use the tall skewers.

Start by placing 2 pegs next to each other. Place a single rubber band on both "stilts".

Next, thread a straw through the rubber band. Thread another straw to make your track. After, do this on the other side.

Step 2: The Ending

To make a catch for the marbles, place rubber bands at the end to stop the ball.

Step 3: Turns

To turn the ball, put a track at a 90 degree angle to another track, and place a bumper to prevent the marble from falling off the track.

Step 4: Switchbacks

To do a switchback, put 2 tracks on top of each other. Where they meet, place rubber bands to keep the ball from falling off the track.

Step 5: Spacer

If the stilts are pulling together because of the tension of the rubber bands, poke 4 holes in a piece of cardboard and slide it onto the stilts as shown.

Step 6: The Final Result

There you have it! Your very own marble run going away from the ground! I hope you enjoyed this instructable!

Have fun with your marble run! ;D


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    3 years ago

    This idea is just fantastic! My son is the same age as you and he's going to love making this!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Good luck! From experience I know it'll be a fun challenge!