Introduction: Marble-dipped Christmas Ornaments

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I'm ready to get into the Christmas spirit! This is my first year with my very own Christmas tree so I need to decorate it!

I have a lot of nail polishes that I never use, and I thought it might be fun to try the marbling technique on ornaments. I think they came out looking pretty neat! It was also very easy to do and could be a good activity for pre-teens.

Step 1: Fill a Bowl With Water and Gather Nail Polishes

Gather some bottles of nail polish.

Fill a bowl not quite to the top with room-temperature water.

Step 2: Pour and Marble Nail Polish

Pick a color of nail polish and pour a little, slowly, onto the surface of the water. Some nail polish droplets may sink to the bottom, but some should stay on the surface.
If you'd like a second color, pour that color in next, slowly.

Take a pointed object (toothpick, pin, etc) and move it around the surface, in order to create a marbled effect in the nail polish on the surface.

Step 3: Dip the Ornament

Hold the ornament by the top, angle it how you like, and just plunge the ornament into the bowl of water until you are satisfied with how much of the ornament has taken up the nail polish. Pull it back up quickly.

Step 4: Clean Up the Edge

If your edge looks a little funny, or a piece of nail polish got stuck somewhere it wasn't supposed to, you can clean it up with nail polish remover.

You may have some water droplets on your ornament; you can try to blow them off, but don't dab them.

Step 5: Repeat With Other Colors

You can repeat the process with other colors.

The remaining nail polish on the surface will dry and you can pull it off. If there are any remnants, you can change the water so that they don't get mixed into the next colors.

Step 6: Add a Hook

Let it dry, add an ornament hook and hang it up!

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