Introduction: Marker Holder

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I am an art teacher and while getting ready to set up my classroom I wanted a way for my students to have easy access to the markers without having to search through a huge box of mixed up colors. I wanted something that they could carry from place to place easily. 

Step 1: I Can Make That

I looked through my supply catalogs and found a wooden marker holder that I thought was ideal, however, I then looked at the price and thought....I can make that!

Step 2: Supplies

I went to the early childhood teachers at my school and asked for old blocks. I collected blocks that were 11X 2.5, I wanted each holder to hold 16 different colors of markers.
I went to work in the woodshop using a drill press.

Step 3: Drill Bit

I used a 5/8 drill bit

Step 4: Plans

I made a grid on the blocks of where I would drill

Step 5: Drilling

I drilled each hole approx. 3/4 into the block.

Step 6: Ready for Markers

Step 7: Paint

I thought it might be a good idea to paint a color key on each block to indicate the marker for that hole. I selected colors that closely matched the markers .

Step 8: Keeping Track of the Markers

By indicating where each marker was placed it was an easy way for the students to keep track of their supplies. If a marker was missing it was much easier to figure out what color it was or if their markers were mixed up with another students a little lesson in "sorting" comes into play!

Step 9: Marker Holder

It is an easy way for the children to keep their supplies in order and make them  "sharing friendly"  for the almost 200 students that pass through my art studio. 
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