Introduction: Marlinspike Lanyard Knot Whisk Broom

This is ABOK 787. Many of you are familiar with the 2 strand diamond/lanyard knot so this is familiar to you.

It is easier to tie than the "Manrope Knot Whisk Broom."

I used 1 1/2' of 5/16" sisal to make this whisk.

Step 1:

Middle your rope and put it over your palm.. This forms the handle loop of the brush.

Step 2:

Make a half hitch with the lower end and place it over the top end.

Step 3:

Bring the top end under the lower end.

Step 4:

And to the left going over, under, over. Tighten on hand.

Step 5:

Take either end (A) and bring it over the handle and through center of knot.

Step 6:

Do the same with the other end (B).

Step 7:

Grab the two ends in one hand and the handle in the other hand and pull apart.

Step 8:

Unlay the two ends into their separate strands.

Step 9:

Separate the strands into their separate fibers.

Step 10:

Comb out the fibers.

Dipping the fibers in water helps take some of the residual twist and helps in the separation process.