Introduction: Marshmallow Shooter Sniper Rifle PVC

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PVC Marshmallow Sniper Rifle

How to make a marshmallow gun, but not your run of the mill setup. I want to show you how to make a marshmallow gun that your friends will go, “Whoa, that is cool!”

You can put a marshmallow in any pipe, but this is an awesome Marshmallow Gun Sniper Rifle. It has a scope and a strap-on laser, so before they get a chance to ask you about it, you can spot them with the laser and hit them with a marshmallow.

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Parts needed:

1/2 inch Pipe and Fittings (schedule 40):

- 1.25 inch pipe (x8)

- 2-inch pipe (x2)

- 3-inch pipe (x1)

- 3.5-inch pipe (x1)

- 4-inch pipe (x1)

- 7-inch pipe (x1)

- 8-inch pipe (x1)

- 9-inch pipe (x1)

- 12-inch pipe (x1)

- T-connector (x5)

- Elbow 90-degree (x3)

- Elbow 45-degree (x4)

- End cap (x1)

- Coupling (x1)

Additional PVC fittings (schedule 40):

- 3/4 x 1/2-inch Adaptor

- 3/4-inch Coupling

- 1-inch Coupling

Other Materials:

- small laser pointer

- 2 zip ties

- sheet of paper

- tape



For all of the connections in this build, you can add glue, but I prefer to keep them loose just in case a marshmallow gets stuck.

Let’s first look at how to build the body of the gun. I suggest laying everything out first to prevent mixing up parts.

I started with the front T-connector and added the 4-inch front grip and cap. The next connector will hold the scope, followed by the blow tube holder, and then the connector that starts the gun stock. Each of the shorts pipes are 1.25 inches long which allows the body of the gun to look smooth and gapless.

At this point, the blow tube is facing up so you can see it easier, but I will twist it into place later.

I used some 45-degree elbows on the stock to add the lower profile that you find in many rifles. I used a 7 and 8 inch pipe but, you can adjust these sizes to better fit your size.

Now make sure all of the connections are pressed together very tight or pieces may fall off when playing.

I then twisted the blow pipe into place and finally add the barrel.


Now it is time to build the scope. It looks great on top of the gun and is actually a very simple to construct.

First take a T-connector and add a 1.25-inch pipe to the bottom.

Now add a 2-inch pipe to the side of the connector, followed by a 3/4 x 1/2 inch adaptor. Next slide on a 3/4-inch coupling, and then overlap it with a 1-inch coupling. If the last coupling is not a snug fit, you can add a few layers of tape to make it grab tight. Repeat these steps on the other side.

Then roll up a 1-inch strip of paper until it fits snug inside the 1.25-inch pipe. If the paper still slides easily in and out of the pipe, you can snug it up by adding some tape. The paper needs to be snug or it can get in the way of the marshmallows or the view through the scope.

Finally slide the scope into the rifle and you are done.

For this build, I found a laser and light pointer combo at the local dollar store. I added it to the very front T-connector with some zip ties. The zip ties should allow you to adjust the laser up and down to have better accuracy. You are now ready to have some fun.

This is an awesome Marshmallow Sniper Rifle. You can now combine the backyard fun game into a hide and seek thrill close to that of paintball without any of the pain.

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