Introduction: How to Make Easy Stencil Art

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To make something like above, you will need:

Any colors of spraypaint and white- I used red, blue, and yellow

masking tape

parchment/wax paper

Some type of poster board or paper

scissors or x-acto knife (something to cut with)

a picture you're using (I used the marvel logo)

Step 1: Create Your Stencil

First, get your masking tape, something you can cut on, an x-acto knife, a sharpie, your parchment paper. I just took a screenshot of each letter in the marvel logo, then printed it out.

With your design, put it under the parchment paper. On the parchment paper, put tape over the parts where the design shows through. From here, you can trace the design onto the tape, because it's all translucent, or cut it out right away. I did this for each letter, and make sure you're cutting the parchment paper, and the masking tape together.

Step 2: Cover Your Poster

I used poster board, and I cut it down to be about 1ft height by 2.25 ft width. I used blue, yellow, and red, to cover the whole posterboard. I did a diagonal fade. Make sure you cover every bit of white

Step 3: White and Stencil

Peel the masking tape off the parchment paper, and stick it onto your poster board. Afterwards, spray paint the whole thing white. I had to do 3 coats, 20 minutes in between each one. I also made a rectangle of tape around the lettering, because there was a lot of open space on the poster board. After a full day of drying, you can take off the tape! To finish it off, I bought measured sides of frames, to make a custom one

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