Introduction: Marvelous Designer 5 Tutorials How to Make Tattered Zombie Clothes

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In the following free Marvelous Designer tutorials you'll learn how to create an asymmetric dynamic zombie dress in Marvelous Designer 5. You'll also learn how to create torn fabric using Photoshop texturing techniques as well as how to render the Marvelous Designer zombie costume in Keyshot.

Step 1: Creating the Marvelous Designer Dynamic Zombie Dress

In the first part of the Marvelous Designer tutorial I'll show you how to draft the dynamic dress in MD, starting from a basic rectangle. I'll add segment points, drag out segment lines to create an asymmetric design, copy and mirror paste the zombie pattern and segment sew it together. Lastly I'll modify the physical property settings and prepare the dynamic zombie dress for texturing.

Step 2: Texturing the Marvelous Designer Zombie Costume

Let's add some more tears and rips to our zombie costume. In part 2 of these Marvelous Designer tutorials I'll show you how to create torn edges and ripped fabric using Photoshop texturing techniques.

Step 3: Part 3: More Rips and Holes for Our Marvelous Zombie Costume

In part 3 of this Marvelous Designer tattered zombie costume tutorial I'll show you how I add more rips, holes and torn edges to the zombie dress.

Step 4: Completing the Dynamic 3D Zombie Dress

In this Part 4 of these Marvelous Designer video tutorials we'll add the last touches to complete the 3D zombie costume.

Step 5: Rendering the Marvelous Designer Zombie Dress in Keyshot

In this tutorial I'll show you how to render the Marvelous Designer zombie costume in Keyshot. I cover how to export the dynamic zombie dress from MD5 and how to set up the materials in Keyshot, the opacity maps, colors & textures and finally how to make a lighting environment using HDR light studio and render it.

I hope you enjoyed these Marvelous Designer tutorials! :)

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