Introduction: Mashup: Book-Bird

Our class was challenged to create a mashup of 2 things we love. The two favorites I picked were singing and reading. I represented singing with a bird and reading with a book. The bird's wings are replaced by the book, and it is wearing reading glasses. This was a fun and challenging project, and I hope you enjoy it too!



Step 1: Sketch Your Design

Start by making a sketch of your idea.

Step 2: Build the Head

Use a sphere for the head, 2 thin cylinders for the glasses, and a cone for the beak

Step 3: Build the Pages

Drag out a cube. Use a thin cylinder hole to cut out an arch from the bottom. Duplicate that piece and make one a hole. Line them up with the hole 2 mm above the other. Group all to make a curved page.

Step 4: Assemble the Book

Duplicate the pages and rotate each new one slightly. Once you have half of the book made, group and duplicate. Use the mirror tool to flip the pages the opposite direction. Use thin cubes to make the cover and place the pages in the book. Use the align tool to help center them.

Step 5: Make the Body of the Bird

Drag out a cylinder for the body of the bird. Make it taller, then rotate it slightly. Lift the head in the air and attach it to the top of the cylinder. Line up the book on the back of the bird.

Step 6: Make the Feet

Use a thin heart and cylinder to make the foot. Once it is to your liking, duplicate it and use the mirror tool. Place the second leg on the other side of the body.

Step 7: Add a Tail

Use the round roof to add a tail on the back of the bird. This will also help create a more stable base. Add any details you would like to make it your own!