Introduction: Mashup - Floating Medieval Castle

Access tinkercad either from safari or google, Tinkercad needs authentication from you such as your email address.

Step 1: Medieval Castle - Scene

Proceed onto the TINKERCAD website and create new design.

Step 2: Forming the Base of Your Design...

The Base of your design is one of the most important and also most needed object in the entire design, the base holds everything together and also forms the scene of what you are doing.

Step 3: Forming Walls.....

Forming the walls sets your scene into what it needs to be, it being open to the public or privately being controlled by people themselves.

Step 4: Adding Rooms.....

The room of your design sets your viewer into what exactly you are trying to get them to see, giving them more detail of what you are actually trying to achieve.

Step 5: Details.....

Adding details makes your project look neat and well thought out. The details give it the little extra touch it needs to be effective towards the viewer.

Step 6: Final Touches / Overview

The final touches are giving the project more detail and also cleaning it up to look neat and presentable. The overview shows the viewer the final view of what the actual outcome looks like.