Introduction: Mashup Tinkercad Book/gaming Project

I am making this for the mash up category for the tinker cad contest. I decided to combine my two favorite things. Playing video games and reading books. I took a gaming device and made half of it half of a book.


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Step 1: Back of Gaming Device

Get a box and put in the following measurements.

- 1.772 inches long

- 0.039 inches wide

- 1.969 inches high

Make this shape red

Step 2: Back of Book and Combining Backs

The measurements of the book back box are

- 1.299 inches long

- 0.039 inches wide

- 1.969 inches high

The color should be brown. Put the book back next to the gaming back so it looks like they are connected.

Step 3: The Gaming Screen

Make a new box with the measurements

- 1.811 inches long

- 0.197 inches wide

- 1.929 inches high

Color it black and put it in front of the back of the gaming device until its touching so it looks like the screen is connected.

Step 4: Book ''pages''

Take a box and give it these measurements

- 1.26 inches long

- 0.197 inches wide

- 1.929 inches high

make it touch the front of the book back. Color the box white.

Step 5: Bottom of Book/gaming Device

Take two boxes. make the first one 1.811 inches long and 1.26 inches wide and 0.079 inches high. Make the second box 1.811 inches long, 1.85 inches wide, and 0.197 inches high. Attach both boxes to the bottom of the back so it's at a right angle and color one red and one brown.

Step 6: Bottom ''pages''

Make a box with these measurements and color it white.

1.811 inches long

1.26 inches wide

0.118 inches high

Attach to the top of the book bottom ( the brown bottom.) so it looks like an open book.

Step 7: Buttons

Make two cylinders and make them both with the same measurements

0.394 inches long and wide

0.315 inches high

put them in a slanted line near the top of the gaming device.

Step 8: Once Upon a Time

Finally, make a text and put in the words once upon a time and size it down with these measurements

1.535 inches long

0.63 inches wide

0.197 inches high

Move the words on to the book so it looks like your reading.

Congrats! you finished the gaming device/ book mashup.

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