Introduction: Mashup Tinkercad Piano/gaming Project

Hello! If you've seen my other projects, then you know that I did something similar earlier. In this project for the new tinker cad contest, I have designed a gaming device combined with a piano for the mash up category. I hope you like it.


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Step 1: Cubes

Make a cube.

Step 2: Base

Give your cube these measurements,

- 4 1/8 inches long

- 1 1/4 inches wide

- 1/8 inches high

Step 3: Game Screen

Make a black cube and give it these measurements,

- 1 7/8 in. long

- 1 in. wide

- 1/8 in. high

Place it on top of your base to the side so it connects and looks like a game screen.

Step 4: Buttons

make two cylinders with these measurements

- 1/8 high, long, and wide

Place in a diagonal line to the side of the screen.

Step 5: Piano Keys

Make a white cube with these measurements

- 1 1/4 in. long

- 1/4 in. wide

- 1/8 in. high

Make a black cube with these measurements

- 1 in. long

- 1/4 in. wide

- 1/8 in. high

They are supposed to resemble piano keys. This is also the step where you can choose a color for your base, as you can see, I made my base blue.

Step 6: Key Placement

Place the keys to the opposite side of the screen than the buttons. Duplicate both keys and place every other until the end of the base. Make sure there is a space between the screen and the keys.

Step 7: Final Cubes

Make a white cube with these dimensions

- 1/4 in. long and wide

- 1/8 in. high

Duplicate and put these between each white key under the black keys. Congrats, your finished!!!

Step 8: Finished

This is a favorite project of mine, and I like how it takes two things I love, and combines it. Thank you for taking time to read and/or make it.

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