Introduction: Tinercad Story Cubes

This was a super fun project. I have based this off of the real game story cubes. It's when you roll a couple of dice with pictures on them, and then make up a story using the pictures you rolled. Then when you've used all your pictures, the next person has to roll and continue the story. This is an all time favorite game of mine, so I made my own version, and you can too!


Tinker cad account.

Step 1: First Dice

Take a dice form the shape menu. You can make it as big or small as you want.

Step 2: Pictures

Pick 6 shapes from the shape menu. For my example, I will use a star.

Step 3: Shrinking

Shrink your shape until it will fit your dice.

Step 4: Hole

Make the shape a hole using the shapes drop down menu, it should look clear now.

Step 5: Moving

Move the shaped hole to the top of your dice. Make sure part of it is in the shape so it is a shallow hole.

Step 6: The Red Box

Hold down your mouse button, then make a red box around your dice and shape. So then they are both selected.

Step 7: Grouping

Click the group button in the top right corner of the screen. It should then make a hole in the dice that looks like your shape.

Step 8: Turning

Turn your dice to a new side then repeat the process with your other five shapes.

Step 9: Duplication

When done, Duplicate your story cube.

(optional): You can leave a blank side and have it be a wild card side, so they can choose what it is.

Step 10: Another Duplication

Duplicate until there are three story cubes, then you can print and play.

Step 11: Congrats

Congrats, you have finished my tinker cad version of story cubes! I hope you have fun!

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