Introduction: Mask Straps

This tutorial will help you create a headstrap for a mask

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:

- (strong) cardboard

- (old) backpack straps

- a material that can serve as a cussion (we used the inside of a backpack)

- scissors


- thread

- a small chisel

- stapler

- pencil

- eraser

- Knive

Step 2: Step 1 Drawing the Right Size

draw your design on the cardboard. the size of my design is 5cm x 9 cm but its handy to change the size so it fits nice on the back of your head.

Step 3: Step 2 : Snip Snip

use the scizzor to cut your design from the other cardboards, repeate step 1 and 2 once

Step 4: Step 3: Drawing Holes

draw the holes where your straps are going to be, make sure they are the right size! my straps where 2cm wide.

Step 5: Step 4: Cutting Holes

Use a knive or scizors to cut holes, you can use a small chisel to make the holes bigger without damaging the rest of the cardboard

Step 6: Step 5: the Cussion

do step 1 - 4 once but with the cussion instead of the cardboard

Step 7: Step 6 : Making the Cussion Stay in Its Place

use a stapler to staple the cussion to the cardboard,

Step 8: Step 7: the Fabric

cut out a piece of fabric, it must be 3 cm biger on all 4 sides than your cardboard, do this twice

Step 9: Step 8: Draw

draw your design on the fabric and sew the two pieces together, put the cardboard and cussion inside if you are halfway

Step 10: Step 9

cut holes on the fabric where the holes of the cardboard are underneed

Step 11: Step 10

add your straps and you are done!