Introduction: Mason Jar Candle Holder

Have you ever felt the need to recycle old mason jars into fancy new candle holders? If so you have found the instruction set you have been waiting for!

Step 1: Required Materials

Wood Pallet

Screw with a hook

Wire (15 inches)

Chain (14 inches)

Mason Jar with Lid

Wire Cutters

Candle (tea lite or small candle)

Picture Hanger with Nail

Step 2: The Backboard

Take the pallet and cut off a slab of wood at the desired length you want.

Step 3: The Backboard Continued

Take the screw with a hook and screw it into the slab of wood towards the end of the board.

Step 4: Wire Loops

For the mason jar, take the wire and the wire cutters and cut a 15 inch piece of wire off. Make sure to leave about an inch free. Start wrapping the wire around the base of the rim of the jar. When you get back around to the inch you left, make a hoop. Wrap the remaining length of wire around the hoop. Directly across, on the other side of the rim, make another hoop and secure it by twisting the wire.

Step 5: The Jar

With the lid of the mason jar, take the metal insert and cut a decent size circle in the middle of it or you can find a wire checkered lid insert, so that when the candle is lit, it will be able to breathe.

Step 6: The Backboard Hanger

In order to hang the finished product on the wall, take the picture hanger and with the small nails that it should come with, nail the hanger on the back of the slab. Then in the desired spot on the wall, put a nail so that you can hang the candle holder.

Step 7: Securing the Chain

With a thin chain, take the wire cutters, and cut off 15 inches. Then, bend the ends of the chain, and hook it onto the loops of wire around the rim. Then, bend them back shut and hang it on the hook on the screw at the top of the slab.

Step 8: The Candle

For the candle, unscrew the jar from the lid and put the candle in the bottom of the jar and screw the jar back to the lid. DO NOT LIGHT THE CANDLE YET

Step 9: Final Step

When you have the finished product, go back to your desired spot on the wall and hang the slab on the nail in the wall and then you can light the candle through the hole in the lid.

And your done! Enjoy your new candle holder.