Introduction: Mason Jar Covers Crocheted From Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon

About: I am always making things from unconventional materials. I do this because I love to save money and I also want to be easy on the environment. I like to create without waste.

recycled sari silk ribbon is made in india from mill ends cast off during the production of silk saris. it is ethically made by women and it is beautiful. the photos do no justice. I use these jars to hold pencils and crochet hooks on my desk.

Step 1: Begin Crocheting

start by single crocheting a flat circle.

keep your jar close to keep comparing to the size of the circle .

stop crocheting when your circle is the same size as the bottom of the jar. you want your crochet circle to fit like a snug little cap on the bottom of the jar

Step 2: Crochet Up the Sides

now, instead of crocheting a flat circle, you want to crochet a cylinder that goes straight up the sides. to do that, no more increasing.

just keep crocheting around and around up and up , until your cylinder is a little taller(about an inch)past the mouth of your jar.

Step 3: To Finish

fold the extra inch back into the jar, over the mouth.

Step 4: You Have Made Your Own Silk Covered Jar.

I use mine to hold my crochet hooks and pencils . I jane three jars on my desk to keep those tools in easy reach

I share even more details on my website

I am also happy to answer questions about the project. feel free to contact me if you need help with any of the steps.

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