Introduction: Mason Jar Gift Baskets

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In the following tutorial I will give you a few ideas on how to create a mason jar gift basket. But the sky is the limit, well actually the size of the mason jar would be the limit, have fun and think outside the box, or should I say jar.

Step 1:

Purchase your mason jar in whatever size you would like to fill. Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Wal-Mart, among many other stores are good places to find these. Or if you are like me you already have dozens around your house.

Step 2:

Visit to purchase a pre-designed mason jar wrap. These are instant downloads you print at home and wrap around the mason jar to help set the tone of your gift.

Step 3:

Trim the print to the correct size, tape one end to your mason jar and wrap around until it meets the other end and tape together to hold in place.

Step 4:

Fill your mason jar with the appropriate gifts for the recipient.


Pedicure Kit: Nail polish (1-3 bottles), nail clippers, nailfile, toe separators and any other nail care items you think they might enjoy

Shaving Kit (Men): Small bottle of shaving cream, new razor and blades, small bottle of aftershave and any other useful shaving items

Movie Night (Men and Women): Candy, Popcorn, Popcorn Seasoning Shaker, Gift card to purchase a new movie

Coffee Lover (Cold Brew Set): Cold Brew Mason Jar Kit (Can be purchased at, Coarse Ground Coffee, Mini Bottles of Coffee Syrups or Simple Syrups (Sold here,

Tea Lover:Nut bag Tea Filter (for brewing sun tea), Loose leaf tea, tea bags, instructions for making sun tea (, honey sticks (Can be purchased at

Date Night: Movie Tickets, Restaurant Gift Card, Pre-Movie Date ideas (Search online and write them on colorful pieces of paper)

Artist: Mini Colored Pencils, Mini Sketch Pad, small tubes of watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, watercolor brushes

Step 5:

Finish your mason jar gift set with some ribbon or twine.

There are so many more ideas I could go on and on. I am sure you can come up with ideas that I can't even think of. The key to the art of giving: Its all about the recipient! Who are they? What are their hobbies? What do they enjoy? Focus on them and your gift will turn out perfect.

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