Introduction: Mason Jar Oil Lamp

We will need:

1 jar

1 metal cloths hanger or metal rod

Some oil, I used olive oil.

Some essential oils can be added for scent.

One cotton string. 3 - 6 inch is plenty.

Something to cut and bend the rod with.

Step 1: Form the Wire

Bend the wire into shape.

I gave myself a handle to hold onto.

Then bend a small loop, in the end that will be inside the jar.

We want the loop to sit at the top of the oil.

Step 2: Fill the Jar and Add the Wick

I filled the jar almost all the way up to the wire loop.

Just don't go higher then the loop.

Stick the cotton string through the wire loop.

Soak the cotton string in the oil.

Step 3: Let It Burn

Olive oil is not easy to light right off.

Pick it up and it will light with a lighter.

Let it back down when it starts.

If it goes out, try letting some oil out.

If it burns to fast, add some oil to the jar.

We want a small flame so it does not smoke.

Now make some for your friends.

It will provide some light, heat, and it looks good.

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