Build a Cat House




Introduction: Build a Cat House

We will need one plastic tub, foam, and a small blanket.

We will also nee something to cut the tub with.

We cut the hole in the tub 5"X5".

Only cut the bottom and two side of the hole. Do not cut the top off.

Bend the flap up. This will block the rain from coming in.

Step 1:

We then put in some foam to keep our cat off the cold bottom.

We also added a blanket to keep home warm.

To make it warmer, a larger tub can be used on the outside of the first one with foam in between the walls.

Now my cat is protected from the wind, rain, and now.

Don't forget cat need gifts for Christmas too.

It also works for small dogs

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    1 year ago

    Very nice! we have a feral kitty that could use this hope i can temp him to use it


    5 years ago

    I made one for an outside cat thanks so much for the idea! I also did put the cardboard box and added a. Ice cat bed I made for it thank you!

    16, 2:58 PM.jpg

    6 years ago

    I've made these before and I added a cardboard box inside the plastic tub that created a ONE inch gap between the walls. I cut the top off the cardboard box leaving the walls ONE inch lower then the top rim of the plastic tub. I also cut a door opening in the cardboard box to line up with the door opening on the side of the plastic tub.

    Then laid a 1 & 1/2 inch layer of folded (not wadded up) newspapers in the bottom of the plastic tub and inserted the cardboard box upside down so the bottom of the cardboard box is near the top of the rim of the plastic tub. I did that so that I could then lay another 1 inch layer of folded newspaper on top of the cardboard box. Then filled the 1 inch gap between the walls with more folded newspapers. Then put the plastic lid on. Newspaper in layers is extremely good at insulating.

    Then I used a zippered bed pillowcase cover and stuffed it with a bunch of wadded and crumpled up soft disposable plastic grocery bags (Make sure they are arranged with the least amount of lumps) and zipped it up. You MUST use a "ZIPPERED" PILLOWCASE, because using a regular pillow case will allow the plastic bags to fall out and that would be dangerous in case the cat get it's head buried in a plastic bag while sleeping and could suffocate! Don't stuff it too full, but make it billowy and cushy. I put this in the cat box for their pillow. The plastic bags inside the zippered pillowcase helps retain the cat's body heat.

    When I did all this, it was amazing how warm and cozy the cat house was.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Line the box with aluminum foil, use spray adhesive to keep it in place, shiny side facing inward. That will reflect the animal's radiant heat back, saving about 80% of their heat, just like a space blanket.

    The squeaky styrofoam may make the cats stay away. a couple three old towels instead will work well and be cozy.

    Cover the outside with something that will both insulate and prevent rain or hail sound from driving the cat/dog nuts. They sell a felt-backed plastic-faced underlayment padding for laminate flooring that works fine. Wrap the whole project in a sheet of plastc to ensure the felt stays dry.

    Consider putting an old doormat or board in front to help keep the inside clean and dry. Maybe set the box up a bit or put it under the porch/deck so a hard rain doesn't splash water inside.

    Make sure you don't put anything remotely smelly (good or bad) in the box or animals will avoid it.

    Nice design! I like the rain flap.