Introduction: Mason Jar Turned Sippy Cup

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Mason jars have many uses, and here's one more to add to that ever expanding list! Now hipster toddlers can chat legos at the playground while sipping juice!

Glass (read: non-plastic) food and beverage containers for kids are becoming increasingly popular. So lets hack our own version from items that are probably already in your pantry:

- Regular or medium "mouth" mason jar. (I used one 8oz and one 12 oz)
- "Take n Toss" sippy cup heads (the same brand also makes straw heads, which would also work for this project)
- scissors
- marker/ pen

Step 1: Unscrewing

Unscrew the lid from the band on your mason jar.

Step 2: Tracing

That lid will be what we use to trace onto the back side of the TakeNToss cap

Simply hold both the mason jar lid and the sippy cap together and trace the outline of the lid unto the plastic cap. Try to keep as much of the nozzle area as you can. 

Step 3: Cutting

Using a pair of regular scissors, cut out the circular line you just traced. This is easier than it looks. 

Step 4: Taste Testing

Place your newly cut sippy cap onto the jar, and secure with the original jar band. It should fit like a glove!

Fill with a liquid and flip upside down. No liquid should leak from anyplace besides the actual nozzle. If it does, I'm sorry to say that you cut off too much of the sippy cap, and will need to try again. 

That last image shows both the original lid and the sippy cap screwed on. This is GOLDEN if you need to transport a drink without immediate drinking needs. (i.e will not drip)

Step 5: You're Done!

Pat yourself on the back and give your kid some milk. Hopefully they'll sleep like babies!