Introduction: Mason Jar Pin Cushion

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I've moved my art space out of the dining room and into my very own wee studio! I'm going a bit crazy at the moment with personalization. This tutorial is for a mason jar pin cushion.
You will need:

a mason jar, lid, and band
small piece of fabric
small piece of batting
glue gun

lace or ribbon
foam core

Step 1: Get the Lid Ready. Very Easy. Use the Lid As a Pattern and Trace a Circle a Little Bit Bigger. Cut It Out and Sew It Up. Gather It All Together, Stuff Some Batting In, Put the Lid on Top of the Batting and Tighten the Threads. Tie a Knot.

Step 2: Glue Lid to Band and Decorate!

Put a bit of hot glue on the inside of the jar band. Press the lid firmly so the glue will adhere to the fabric. I glued a bit of lace around the edge of the band. Throw some thread in the jar, screw the lid on, and you have a cute storage container that doubles as a pin cushion!

Step 3: Bonus Cushion

I thought the lid was so cute, I made an extra. I'm always losing my hand needles, so I did exactly the same thing, but glued a piece of foam core to the bottom.

Step 4: Done!

the finished product! This is my first tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it!

Step 5: