Introduction: Masquerade Mask DIY

If you need a last minute Halloween costume, look no further. I found inspiration from various places like Free People and Screaming Mimi’s (of which this DIY is based) and figured out a way to get the chic look for less. I wanted to recreate this intricate mask with things you’d find at home in your craft cupboard. This way you can save major money and have fun at the same time. (A great thing about a mask is that it’s not just for Halloween— if you have any other holiday masquerades or costume parties in the next few months, you can use this mask!)

Check out my blog for the gold glitter mask version!

Step 1:

You’ll need tulle or sheer fabric (I used tulle), fabric scissors, ribbon, black fabric paint, saran wrap, tape and my mask template that can be downloaded here.

Step 2:

Print out the template and place on table. Then tape a piece of plastic wrap over it. Cut out your tulle to at least 10″x5″ and tape on top of plastic wrap.

Step 3:

Make sure everything is taped down securely and start tracing the black part of the template with fabric paint. Let it dry overnight.  Gently peel tulle away from saran wrap.

Step 4:

Cut out around the mask, including eyeholes.

Step 5:

Cut two pieces of ribbon 20″ each. Spread a little fabric glue on the tips and attach them to the mask. Let dry 1-2 hours. (You can trim the strands shorter if you like, just make sure it will tie around your head before cutting!)

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