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Introduction: Masterpiece Table

I study on the wood and furniture college in Amsterdam. I'm in my final exam (4th year). I can finally make my masterpiece and I chose for a coffee table. there are a number of requirements of school. such as the construction, a pin hole connection, the masterpiece has to be with a drawer that is made with concealed dovetails and more of does requirements. 

The wood kind are:
the frame from padoek
the drawer is from purpleheart and beech
the tabletop is from beech
(someone convince me to use one kind of wood so that is padoek(i don't now the translation)

Step 1: The Frame!

the frame is the difficult part. The legs are like cabriolen legs and are made ​​by hand (only when cutting with the band saw gezaagt). the rules are bent through a mold in a vacuum press. then they 3d routed in the CNC machine. the legs and rules are connected to each other via a classic pin and hole connection (which is also hand-made).

Step 2: The Drawer

The drawer is made ​​with covered dovetails (hand). the drawer is in a box that is connected, with LAMELLO's to the rules of the frame. the dovetails aren't hard and fun to make. it's only hard because the rules are bended so the front of the drawer isn't straight, so de dovetails nether. the drawer opens with a puss and pull system.

Step 3: The Tabletop and Finish

the tabletop will be made by the CNC machine. 

so im very exciting about it. And I wonder if I finish this in 18 weeks (12 hours per week). I will have a lot of fun, stress and experience.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    That's a beautiful table. It's so beautiful I have to offer some strategic suggestions:
    1) Make the entire table out of the same kind of (best-quality) wood, with all surfaces finished to a tabletop polish.(Finished unseen surfaces make a "quality statement".)
    2) Make the dovetails on the drawers the invisible type, done on a mitered joint.
    3) Make the drawer frame a little longer and put a full bottom in it.
    4) Find a high-quality locking steel box to fits the dead space behind the drawer (or size the drawer to match the box) and put some teflon gliders on the L&R sides, back, & bottom.
    5) Fit the drawer with a hidden spring release so it can't "accidentally" be pulled completely out.
    6) After you are receive your grade (which will be the highest you instructors can give you) either keep the "secret safe table" as your first hand-made family heirloom, or sell it for the astonishingly large amount of money such a table would command.

    Then build another of a similar style.

    However much extra work all that would be, it would more than be returned in the sales price. I know a gentleman who makes nothing but tables. Each one takes about three months to build, and they sell from $12,000.00 -$40,000.00US, except for the really expensive ones. He's done boardroom tables on special commission that cost a quarter of a million dollars.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    he Idmorgan,
    thank you!:) and thank you for the tips!
    you convince me to use one wood kind and that will be Padoek(i don't now the translation) also about the tabletop you recommend a particular brand?
    your 2e point: is handy but i have to make it with hand. by teacher is old school and i like to do it;).
    your 3e point: i made it so small, so you don't put to much in it and if you look side of the tableframe you don't see the drawer.
    your 4e point: my teacher is old school and almost everything has to be wood:(
    your 5e point: that is a good one, i was thinking about that
    your 6e point: :D
    can you give me his name i'm curious:)
    you will hear soon (12 months:$) the grade and i will upload the foto's :D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    This design is breathless & will warrant tons of attention when the public finally feast their eyes on it. Don't be surprised if you are getting offers already.
    I am interested to know what kind of software you used. Let me know when you have a chance .
    Best of luck .


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    hey, sorry for the very late reaction! Tnx! I made it in Iron Cad, really cool software. The real project coming soon:D!


    8 years ago

    Very Nice :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is a lovely table, very nice work! I hope you post pictures of this after you create it!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thank you! I will certainly do that :)