Introduction: Matchstick Rocket

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This is an instructable of making a matchstick rocket.

The reason that I did this instructables is a reminiscence of the days of my grandpa and I spent time together. That was when he shown me this trick.

Step 1: Items

Items listed below can be easily bought in your local store.

  1. Matches
  2. Candle
  3. Aluminium foil
  4. Play Doh
  5. A nerve to play with fire

Step 2: The Assembly

  1. Firstly, I fold two of the matches with the aluminium foil.
  2. I make sure that both head of the match meet inside the foil.
  3. Then, I assign one of the matches to act as a rocket is loose inside the folded foil.

Step 3: Three, Two, One… Ignition and Lift Off!

  1. For the launching pad, I position the candle in front of the Play Doh.
  2. Now, it time to light the candle.
  3. Please watch the test video.


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