Introduction: I-Plant the Glowing Planter

 I am going to teach you how to make and eco- friendly planter that is water resistant and glows. This is a really fun project to make with your kids and can well serve as a nightlight to its fun and i hope you have just as much fun as i did with my kids. you can use the aluminum side of a cpu to make this or 2 arizona iced tea cans. I will be using the iced tea cans (it really dosent matter). Please vote for me i really need a new computer. My kids spilled milk on my old laptop about 2 months ago(we got it recycled before this contest started) And when I heard instructables was having this contest i was so exited since i could possibly get a new computer.

You will need:

-Old cpu and or two Arizona iced tea cans

-old keyboard

-small light or LEDs from your cpu or keyboard

-plastic bag





-hot glue gun 

-markers (Sharpies)



Step 1: Step #1

 Cut a whole the size of your light at the bottom of one of your Arizona iced tea cans. Or take the side of your cpu of and bend it into a long cylinder and tape it.

Step 2: Step #2

 Insert the light and hot glue it securely.

Step 3: Step #3

 cut the top off the can with the light in it.

Step 4: Step #4

 Cut the top and bottom off the second can.

Step 5: Step #5

 Put the cans aside for now and take out your screwdrivers and keyboard. Then start unscrewing the screws of the keyboard.

This is a good time to let your kids have some fun unscrewing!

Step 6: Step #6

 Pull the keyboard apart.

Step 7: Step #7

 Take out the keys    I, P, L, A, N, T     or you can do your own keys that is what is so fun about this project, it is fully custom to what you like.

Step 8: Step #8

 Now that you have the keys out focus on the other side of the keyboard and cut the wire closest to the circuit board and cut the tip off.

Step 9: Step #9

 Start to strip the wire. I used the technique of cutting slightly on the rubber covering the other wires then pulling the rubber off.

Step 10: Step #10

Now go back to your cans and make wholes in the places were you want to put the keys from the keyboard and place them in there.

Step 11: Step #11

 Now make 3 planters you are going to put on the planter.

Step 12: Step #12

glue the planters on it.

Step 13: Step #13

 Get creative and color the can the way you want to and have fun! You can use the wire that you got from the cord of the keyboard to decorate it to and the straws. We didnt use them since the kids started to get tired. Also glue the other can on the top of the one with the light.

Step 14: Step #14

 Punch wholes into the can so the light will shine through in a disco like fashion.

Step 15: Step #15

 Cut the top as much as you want to make it look like a tree.

Step 16: Step #16

 Enjoy this great planter/nightlight you made yourself. Please vote for this instructable!

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