Introduction: Knex Crossbow

This is a K'nex Crossbow made out of an original bow from a youtuber user named Dragon9Fire. I thought the original bow wasn't good enough so I modded it into a crossbow as I will show you the steps to modify it. Before you get the materials you need to make a bow from the link here-    make sure to stop building it at 1:35.

Step 1: Materials

- 4 Ladders (Orange rectangle pieces)
- Pre-Made Bow from Youtube video (stop at 1:35) -
- 3 yellow (or gray) semicircle connectors
- 2 standard green or black connector rods
- 2 small white rods
- 1 dark blue medium length rod
- 2 small rubber bands
- 1-3 long Gray rods (ammunition)

Step 2: Attach the Handle

Connect the semi circle connectors and a ladder to the 2 white rods as shown. Connect 2 other ladders and then attach the entire thing to the bow.

Step 3: Put on Rubber Bands

Tie the rubber bands together as shown and then loop them around the wheels creating the bow-string.

Step 4: Load the Gun

Connect the last dark blue rod to the last ladder and stick it in the very last hole before the rod comes out and then load the cross bow.To do this stick the grey rod throght the white circle and going all the way to our homeade stopper, then take the rubber band and put it in the back end of the barrel of the gray rod. To fire simply pull the stopper out of the place and the grey rod will go flying.