Introduction: Matthew Walker Knot Lanyard

I used two feet of #72 cotton cord to make the lanyard.

There was about 4" of cord left over to be trimmed.

Step 1:

Bring the working end (WE) left hand end down and over the main cord making a loop slightly smaller than the first loop of the finished lanyard.

Step 2:

Bring that same end under the main cord and tie an overhand knot - follow the red dots.

Step 3:

Bring new WE under a.

Step 4:

Bring WE over a.

Step 5:

Bring WE up through loop a.

Step 6:

Bring WE down through bight a.

Step 7:

Bring WE up through bight a. This forms the second loop of your lanyard. Make it slightly smaller than the desired size of the finished lanyard.

Step 8:

Bring WE over everything to point a.

Step 9:

Bring WE under everything and up through bight a.

Step 10: Begin the Tightening Process

This is a tedious process.

Grab the left hand cords with your left hand.

Grab the right hand cords with right hand and tighten the knot slightly by pulling and turning your right hand clockwise.

Now is the time to nudge the bights into their proper places.

Push bight A into space a.

Step 11:

Push new bight A into space a.

Step 12:

Push last bight A into space a.

Step 13:

When the bights are all in place tighten the knot by pulling on each end as it emerges from the knot. Do this gradually. It will take many slight pulls on each end to successfully complete the process.

Step 14: