Introduction: Media Skewer Stand

This uses skewers to make a stand(Portrait ands Landscape) for your ipod touch, iphone,droid,psp and other devices. You can even use it as a Mini easel. Lots of ideas for this little thing.
All you need is about 4 skewers, and about 10-15 rubber-bands. (little ones)
You also need to be able to break a skewer in half( which any body can) or some way of cutting them( small saw or scissors)

Step 1: The Front

Break a skewer in half.( if it ends up being uneven, cut it so that they are the same size)
Band them together with a rubber-band so they are at a very small angle(20-40 degree angle) You don't was it too wide of an angle because this is the front of the stand and it will not hold the device properly otherwise.

Step 2: The "Back-bone"

Break( or cut) a skewer about an inch longer than the ones used previously. Band them together so that the "backbone" stands straight and the front is angled

Step 3: Supporters

Judge the distance between the front leg and the backbone and break off a skewer slightly larger than that.Band it to the legs and back.

Step 4: Device Holders

Break off little pieces of skewer( about 1-2 in.) Band them on in the middle of the piece to the supporters. Also break off a piece of skewer and band it under the holders, but on top of the supporters.

Step 5: Done!

You can hot glue the places where rubberbands are and at the bottoms of the feet for more traction and strength. Congratulations on your very own stand!  You just saved money on  buying a generic stand. This one is better because it can be custom-made and it only costs as much as skewers and rubberbands cost.( about $2-3 total )Free if you already had this stuff.  I guess you could use the same idea but with bigger things for like an ipad stand or
picture frame holder. Oh well. Thanks!