Introduction: Medical Headbands

These headbands are great for medical professionals who need to wear a mask all shift and experience discomfort on their ears.


Knit fabric

2 medium to large flat buttons


Step 1: Cut Your Fabric

1. Cut knit fabric. I used a heavy weight jersey type fabric with a moderate stretch. I cut them to be 8 “ x 21”. This can vary by the weight and stretch of your fabric.

Step 2: Fold Fabric

1. Fold the fabric with the right sides together lengthwise (like a hot dog).

Step 3: Sew the Long Seam

Sew the seam using a stretch stitch with a ¼” seam allowance.

Step 4: Seam Allowance

Leave a 1” allowance on each end of the seam.

This will form a tube of fabric.

Step 5: Turn Fabric

1. Turn tube of fabric right side out.

Step 6: Pin the Short Ends

1. Pin the short ends (where you left it unsewn) with the right sides together. Sew a ¼” seam allowance with the stretch stitch.

Step 7: Turn Right Side Out.

1. Remove pins and turn right side out with the seam in the middle of the inside of the ring.

Step 8: Stitch the Opening Closed.

1. Stitch the opening closed by hand.

Step 9: Sew on Buttons

1. Sew large buttons about 2 ½ “ from the back seam toward the top edge of the band.

Step 10: Finished!