Introduction: Medievil Boba Fett Helmet

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Hello again, it's been a while, everyone good?

So in the last few weeks/months I've been busy with my kids and work and stuff, also it's far to cold to be working in the garage so when I've had time I've mainly been doing pepakura stuff in the house, ( just updated my pepakura helmet post, there's a few things on there I've been working on) but in this instructable I'll show you the medievil boba fett lid I did, ( yes another helmet! I will move on to other things one day!) also I'll show you the way I do pep work and what I use to do it, right on with the structable!

Step 1: Pepakura

Finding the pepakura you want,

The internet is a wasteland of all sorts of rubbish, if you sift through the crap, you find gold, the gold I find is pepakura, there thousands of these nuggets you just got to look, I'll point you in the right direction but the rest is up to you; has loads of halo stuff, plus other bits and bobs

Also is a gold mine for amazing peps by some amazing people, go in, look around, you'll find something you want I'm sure!

As in the picture , pepakura is a 3d image, unfolded so you can print it out and reassemble into a 3d object,

Step 2: Using Pepakura

To reassemble the image into a object ( in this case boba fetts helmet ) you need some simple tools, now, this is up to you what you want to use, knife, sissors tape glue whatever! I'll show you my way then you can adjust it to suit you,

1, good knife ( Stanley )

2, super glue

3, small ruler

4, scorer

5, cutting mat

6, tape

7, stand ( if you want, not that important)

Step 3: Pep Work

It's important I think to score the fold lines, there's two, a fold up and a fold down, there set by two different line patterns,

-------------------- = fold down

_._._._._._._._. = fold up

Some people cut all the bits out them assemble, I do bit at a time and make as I go , again it's up to you! When you cut out the bits there numbers that match up, basically just match up the numbers and glue the flap, that is pretty much pepakura,

Step 4: Pep Work Still

So you've got your pepakura design, cut it out, glued it , stick your fingers together, sorted your folds, got frustrated but all in all enjoyed the build! What now!

( the keen eye will notice not all these pictures are fetts helmet, there just samples from older peps!)

Step 5: Basic Design

Right, some people leave it there , others move on, whatever you want , here's my build from here on out, it's a medievil boba fett helmet, bit odd I know but here's my thinking, I wanted too, so there you go lol , and why the hell not!

I had a deadric pep I made that was to small, I wanted to use that for horns for the helmet , but I wasn't sure, I mocked up some snaps to see what would work

Step 6: Fiberglass/bondo

After deciding I didn't like any of the horns just yet, I set about the lid, fiberglassing it with resin and a little bit of matting on the inside, then just resin on the outside, ( no pictures sorry ) but it's straight forward,
Then bondo( car body filler) the full lid then, when it's dry, sand that mother licker to death !

Once sanded I set about to make the lid look a bit more oldie worldie, making it look hammer beaten ( I used a dermel and a round sanding bit, and a far bit if time )

Step 7: Detailing

Once I had it looking ok, time to start detailing

This is when I decided to make it look old and Knackered, add nails and stuff, to keep the idea of boba fett but also to make it look different

Step 8: Paint

So detail sorted, it's paint time , again it's up to you what you want to do, you have your design and it's looking good! Go as wild or not as you want, just remember to clear coat the final thing! In the pictures is what I did

Step 9: Final Bit

So after a few different coats and colour changes this is my medievil boba fett helmet , I hope you enjoy and like it ! I do,

Thanks for looking, happy building !

Ps o yeah, I didn't end up using the horns haha , I thought the feather worked better