Introduction: Meditator Sculpture

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Hi !! I am Oshan, i used my free time to make this sculpture. It reflects the meditation mood. It can be observed that reflection of various moods in statues is done by artists depending on there craftsmanship. They give less attention to adopt different skills to improve the quality of sculpting I think that application of electronic accessories to reflect various moods in the statues enhance the art of sculpting. I think this introductions and photos will help you to better understand how to make this sculpture by your self.


For this project you will need...

  • Natural clay
  • paper cutter (as a sculpture tool)
  • ceiling rose
  • semi transparent bulb cup
  • shaving razor
  • binding wire
  • flexible aluminum wire
  • 3v LED bulb (the color and number of LED depending on your choice)
  • DC 9v battery or DC 9v power supply
  • 220ohm resistor

more about supplies :

if you like you can use any type of clay, but when you use natural clay it will help to improve antique appearance. I used paper cutter as a sculpting tool but you can use standard sculpting tools to make this sculpture.

Step 1: Making the Sketch

1. first, connect two aluminum wires to the ceiling rose and connect them together to strength as shown in the picture.

2. make adjustments in aluminum wires to form a back bone of the sculpture. Then put the semi transparent bulb cup on the ceiling rose as shown.

3. Remove the handle of the shaving razor and fix it to the sketch. you can see (T) shape of the shaving razor match with the sketch to form a (T) shape of the shoulders as shown in the picture

4. To make shoulders and hands connect piece of aluminum wire to shaving razor and get another two equal piece of aluminum wire to make hands as shown in the pictures.

Step 2: Assembling Electronic Components to the Sketch

Reflection of the meditation mood in the statue is enhanced by the lightning of the statue. This is the most important part of the project. There fore, assembling electronic accessories to lighten the statue should be done carefully.

First, you have to make simple circuit as shown in that picture

Connect 220ohm resistor to positive leg of the LED and connect red wire to the resistor and connect another wire to negative leg of the LED.

now the circuit is complete, Then put the circuit into the ceiling rose as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Making the Body of Sculpture

Now we are going to make the upper part of the body. first cover the semi transparent bulb cup using thin clay layer. Then take a little bit big big size of clay ball to make chest. try to get the (V) shape of the body as shown in the picture (see the first image to get a clear idea).

Meditation position of the statue directly goes with the two legs. just imagine the shape of the two legs and try to make them using a little bit of big clay ball as shown in the second picture. Then connect it to the main structure.

Next step of the creation is making two hands. just imagine the size and shape of the two hands that goes with the meditation statue as shown in pictures. Remember to complete and strength the rest of the parts in hands of the remaining structure. you can do this using binding wires(see the third picture). Then apply thin layers of clay to the structure to form two hands(see 3rd picture)

Rough sketch of the body includes neck shoulders two hands with fingers and two legs.

Now, think of how you are going to create more realistic picture of the meditator sculpture. At the beginning it would be a difficult task for you but having several attempts through the trial and errors using sculpture tools you can do it properly

I used above webpage to learn how to make basic of sculpturing ( link ).

Step 4: Making Head of the Meditator Sculpture

watch this video to make it easy for you....

Step 5: Final Finish

Use sculpting tools with thin clay layers to give a real appearance to the both hands, stomach, chest, neck and legs

lighting the sculpture

select the clay layer on the semi transparent bulb cup, draw some art on the layer removing parts of the clay to reflect the light. The art will depend on your choice

Finally connect two wires to the battery to lighten the sculpture.

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