Introduction: Meet My Bustfriends

Have you ever heard the saying Asians get As in everything? Well that stereotype seems to hold some truth to it.

I've been in A cups since I could remember, like did I miss puberty because these are still doing a whole lot of nothing like in middle school. I was a straight B student, why can't I have B cups!? I swear I've been blessed with the bad genes. Shortest in the family, small breasts, big head, and the list goes on.....

My bra is like a bag of chips, it's always half full. So besides the extra padding I use to make my breasts look bigger, here's a quick and easy trick I learned from my best drag queen friends on how to make your busts bustier! I hope this trick becomes your bustfriend too!


5 minutes of your time
Shimmery powder
Contour brush
Powder brush

Step 1: Bronzed Babes!

You'll need bronzer, shimmer powder, an angled (contour) brush, and a powder brush.

Get some bronzer using the contour brush. Then with the free hand (the one that's not holding the brush), push one of your breasts up and begin contouring the roundness that forms above the breast.

Repeat on the other side.

***Make sure your getting it around the sides and down far enough to create that appearance of bustier babes!

Step 2: Bustier Babes!!

Take your powder brush and lightly dip it in your shimmery powder. You can use a highlighting or finishing powder, whichever you prefer.

Blend blend blend!

To finish the look, wear it with a lace halter for ultimate bustier babes.

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