Introduction: Mega Bloks Skyscrapers

This tower is from the mega bloks 500 blocks tub
I was bored and did not know what to do with the blocks so I made a tower
When it kept falling I improved the base and added more towers this is the final result
It wasn't really made of five hundred i misplaced some so it was probably about 450-480 blocks.

Step 1: The Base

The base is probably the hardest part
It uses a lot of red flats and long blacks and a bunch of blues. It took me a long time to improvise on it for it to be able to support the height of the tower.

Step 2: Making the Base

If you dont understand please comment

Step 3: Outer Blue and Green Towers

The blue towers consist of 26 block. There's 4 towers. You can use the blue blocks or the half blues. Two half blues make a blue block
The green towers are shorter then the blues and are 19 blocks tall. There are no half greens in the set.

Step 4: Middle White Tower and Green and Black Main Towers

The white tower was just some thing to use all the blocks. It's built by alternating sides and building it using all the whites. Green and black towers were the supporting towers for the red and yellow towers. They are 26 blocks tall each and are made of the long greens and blacks

Step 5: Red Towers and Connectors

The only red blocks were red flats and red half blocks. Remember, two half blocks make a full. I made the towers by alternating the direction of the blocks. The towers fits on top of the green and black towers. They are 22 blocks tall. The connector connects the two red towers and the yellow tower sits on top of the connectors. It was made from red flats.

Step 6: Final Yellow Part

The 24 block tall tower made from half yellows would be the most expensive part of the tower if the tower was real

Step 7: Let's Assemble It

Now if you have all the parts gathered lets make it.
Have fun and don't forget to vote and comment. I dont mind critics
Its my first project.

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