Introduction: Mehrunes' Razor Wall Decoration : Intro

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In this guide I will show you how to make a skyrim wall decoration. The one we have made is mehrunes razor. This method could be applied to almost any skyrim weapon and even weapons from other games, films and TV shows.

Equipment list
.3xA4 foam sheets (this will change depending on size of weapon)
.acrylic paints
.cutting mat
.scalpel/craft knife
.hot glue gun
.paint brushes

Step 1: Step 1 : Electronic Template

1. Find an image of the weapon you would like to make (for mine I used mehrunes razor from skyrim). Draw the basic outline of the weapon. Now split the weapon into layers according to the depth (it is a good idea to plan these before drawing them on screen). In this example we split it into four layers. Draw the layers out.

Step 2: Step 2 : Printing Templates

2. Once you have drawn all of the layers you can now place them on a page to print (no overlapping). It is important to set up the page or canvas to be the correct size that you are printing on. In our case this is A4. Setup the printer and print the templates.

Step 3: Step 3 : Cutting/Tracing Templates

3. Once printed you can cut out the templates/layers with a pair of scissors or craft knife if you wish, then use a pencil to trace around the templates. It is also possible to trace the lines onto the foam sheets using tracing paper and a pencil or carbon paper. For our example we cut the templates out using scissors but all methods are viable.

Step 4: Step 4 : Cutting Foam Pieces

4. Now that you have the templates drawn onto the foam place the foam on the cutting mat and cut around the templates with a scalpel/craft knife. You should now have each of the individual layers

Step 5: Step 5 : Painting Foam Pieces

5. Mix the colours for the acrylic paint in our case we had to mix up a few shades of grey and used solid black. Now you can use the acrylic paints to paint the pieces the correct colours (you can use the original image as reference). Leave to dry for an appropriate time.

Step 6: Step 6 : Assembling Foam Pieces

6. Now you have the painted pieces and they have dried layer the pieces together at first do not glue them as it is good to get an idea of the layering. Once happy with the layering use the hot glue gun to layer the weapon and leave to dry for a minute or two.

Step 7: Step 7 : Painting the Backboard

7. Use a sheet of foam that you used for the other templates to create a backboard for the weapon. This can be a square, a rectangle, ellipse (oval) or any shape you desire. Use the acrylic paints to paint the backboard to look like a specific material in my case I did wood for the classic skyrim look. Another material you could do would be metal. (A tip for painting a material to look like wood is to get a shade of brown that you like and paint the material in single strokes, its key not to make this backboard just solid brown as it would not look like wood)

Step 8: Step 8 : Assembly

8. Use the hot glue gun to stick the weapon to the backboard

Step 9: Step 9 : Hanging Method

to hang the wall decoration we have decided to go for a piece of string. as demonstrated cut an appropriate sized length of string. make a hoop shape as seen in pictures and use the tape to stick it down.

Step 10: Optional Extra's

9. Optional extras: now that you have an almost finished weapon you can add a few extras to make it look nicer. One example could be a name plate for which you would cut a small rectangular piece of the foam and paint this silver. Then you can write the name of the weapon you have created. It is also nice to add the extra details to the weapon now that it is fully constructed.

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