Introduction: Melted Crayon Art

Hi my name is Taylor Westendorf and today I am going to show you how to make melted crayon art. I have been doing these types of crafts for as long as I can remember and being in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program I need to be creative with different projects for my clients to do. Doing this type of craft can be done by any age and be given to anyone, making it the perfect gift. I’m going to show you the necessary materials and steps to achieve the perfect melted crayon art. After completing these simple steps, you will have the perfect gift for anyone.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

Before getting started in the activity a Walmart will be necessary, unless the materials are laying around the house. I will be using a 16x20 white canvas, but you can use any size of canvas of your choosing. Next you will need two boxes of 24 crayons, a blow dryer, hot glue gun, and hot glue. Also, a pair a scissors will be needed. If you choose to put a design on the canvas like I will be doing, you will need to have access to a printer.

Step 2: Preparing the Crayons

The first step in creating the perfect melted crayon art is will be picking out the crayons you want to use. After picking your crayons, you will need to take the wrapping off all the crayons, so the crayons can melt correctly.

Step 3: Choosing a Design

This step is optional. If chosen to have a design on the canvas (as I did), you must choose what design you would like. After printing the selected design in all black ink, you need to take the scissors to cut around the design having no white left around the design.

Step 4: Gluing

Next step is gluing the design together. Before gluing the materials on the white canvas, you need to make sure the glue gun is hot. After checking the glue and reassuring the glue is hot, put the design on first where you think it looks the best. Then to glue the crayons on is the next step. Before gluing each crayon, you need to see which side of the crayon looks the best, and have that side facing upward where people will see it. Apply the glue along the backside of best looking side and place the crayons along the top of the white canvas. Be cautious not to apply too much glue and not to touch it with your fingers, because it will burn them.

Step 5: Melting the Crayons

After all the crayons are glued to the white canvas and allowed a little time for drying, take out the blow dryer. This step can be a little tricky to get so take it slow. Put the blow dryer on the lowest setting, doing this will take the crayons longer to melt, but more time to angle the melted parts of the crayon. Start with the first crayon you glued on the canvas and angle the blow dryer straight down from the crayon. You will angle the blow dryer on each crayon you glued on the canvas. Depending on how long you want the melted part will depend on how long you hold the blow dryer in the same spot.

Note: this step will take a long time

Step 6: Finished Look

Finally, let the melted parts dry completely before moving the canvas.