Introduction: Melting Before Your Eyes!

Today we will be decorating pumpkins! This project is for September or early October when you are not yet ready to carve your pumpkin. This is no ordinary way, like painting, or drawing on a pumpkin. We will be dripping crayon wax on your pumpkin to make it a fun and beautiful experience for you, and your pumpkin.

Step 1: Super Supplies

The perfect supplies you will need to make this project is

- A heat gun ( or hair dryer )

- Any color crayon that you want. Colored candles can work because they are also wax that can be melted, I prefer the crayons because they have a good pigment to them!

- And, of course, a pumpkin to decorate it with.

Step 2: Getting Ready

You might be thinking, getting ready? Yes! We need to make sure everything is ready to turn beautiful or help make it beautiful. If you have a heat gun you will need to plug it in and let it heat up before you are ready to use it. Next you want to clean off your pumpkin if it is fresh from the field, it might have some dirt and bugs on it, and you should clean it off so the wax will stick and not have weird lumps in them. Finally you want to cut, peel, and place your crayons the way you want your colors to blend.

Step 3: Decorating Time!!

Its finally time to decorate them! Since you have your crayons placed you can get straight to the melting part. To heat the crayons, just place your heating tool over the crayons and wait! this project does take a while so make a snack while you are watching the wax melt right before your eyes.

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