Introduction: Melting Used Shotgun Primers. Brass + Copper Casting

This time I’ve decided to melt some brass and copper scrap but not a simple alloy scrap. I prepared used shotgun primers.

Step 1: 2 Types of Primers

There are 2 types of primers: one made of brass and the second made of copper.

Step 2: ​It’s Little Dangerous

It’s little dangerous because if there is even one not used percussion cap, it can blow up. From the other side these primers are all from my shotgun shells and I’m sure that they are all used.

Step 3: Pouring Brass

Nothing unexpected happened during metal melting and casting. I have made small ingot.

Step 4: 730 Grams

This ingot has a weight 730 gm (1.6 lbs). I should say that after some time the metal became more dark may be even with some shades of red. In my opinion, that has happened because I mixed 2 types of primers and now this brass includes more copper. Therefore, now in volume terms, the quantity of zinc decreased against the quantity of copper.