Introduction: Memory

Family game in Minecraft

Step 1: Digging

Dig a hole by 14 times 14 and put a border around it

Step 2: Choosing

Pick the items you want to be in the game

Step 3: Chess

Make it like a chess board by making it so there are no missing holes touching each other

Step 4: Filling in the Gap

Put your items in the gaps remember only use 2 of 1 kind

Step 5: Hide

Place a colour wool or clay above the items

Step 6: Grassy

Place grass blocks next to the red clay or wool (above grass)

Step 7: Skylight

Make a stand and make it the same as the bottom

Step 8: I Can See

Fill it in with glass

Step 9: Climbing

Place ladders up the stand

Step 10: Playing

Break a hole on a red square and see what's in it don't break underneath block

While others stand on skylight

Step 11: Oops

Don't get the same place the wool or clay back over

Step 12: Yay

Get the same don't cover them up
And add a score by placing a block of your choice in a row

Step 13: Winner

Winner is the one with the most pairs
(Most blocks of same type)