Introduction: Minecraft Game Flip Flop

A game to play with your friends and family

Step 1: Getting Dirty

Dig a 7 by 7 square and leave middle block

Step 2: It's Getting Hot

Fill it in with non flowing lava and put 4 more dirt blocks down one space in front of the side of the middle block

Step 3: Up Up and Away

Using clay build up from the Middle block
Continue going up until you think it's high enough

Step 4: Trap

Put trap doors up the side of the sides of your tower
Do it on all 4 sides

Step 5: No Cheating

Put down a start line by using clay on each side

Step 6: Ready Setty Go

Start at a starting line and when everyone is ready run towards and start climbing up

Step 7: To Climb

Flip trap doors open and jump up and shut them again

Step 8: How to Win

Be the first one to the top and last one standing

You are not winner if you still have opponents left

Step 9: Knock Out

You can punch other players or flip there trap doors open and shut them

Step 10: Eliminated

Fall in lava and u are out

Step 11: Challenge

Build your own take a pic and put in the comment bit