Introduction: Men's Leather Bracelet

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Watch the how-to video and print instructions here.

Project Summary: Buy leather remnants and the other materials below at Weaver Leather Supply and follow these step-by-step instructions to create beautiful handmade men's leather bracelets.

What You'll Need:

Step 1: Cut 5 Pieces of Leather at 1" by 2 ½"

Place your Cutting Board on your workbench. Using your Knife and Steel Square, cut 5 pieces of Leather at 1" by 2 ½".

Step 2: Punch a Hole in the Center of 1 Leather Piece

Take one of these pieces and fold in half, and this will give us the center of the strap. Using your Economy Punch, punch a hole on this line centered width wise.

Step 3: On Same Piece, Punch Holes ½" in From Ends

On the same leather piece, punch an additional hole ½" in from each end. This should give us three holes.

Step 4: Wrap Leather Piece Around 2 Loops

Place your Tooling Slab on your workbench to use for the remaining steps. Take two of the Brass Plated Loops and, with the weld line inside, slide your leather piece on from each end and hold outside of the center hole.

Step 5: Push Rivet Post Through All 3 Holes

Fold the two outside edges around the Brass Plated Loops and put a ¼" Double Cap Rivet Post in from the back on one end hole. Push the Rivet Post through the hole on the other end and then through the center hole while keeping the Brass Plated Loops on either side of the center rivet.

Step 6: Set Rivet; Repeat Steps to Create More Segments

Set this Rivet with your Rivet Setter and Maul, and this will give us our first “segment” of the leather bracelet. Repeat with as many leather pieces as is needed to create your leather cuff.

Step 7: Create Tabs

When enough segments have been completed, take 2 additional pieces 1" x 2 ½". These will be our “tabs” for Snaps. Punch one end hole and the center hole just like the segment pieces. Punch a hole on the other end at ¾" in from the end (You can use your Awl to mark ¾" before you punch it); then, punch a Round Strap End Punch on this end only for both pieces.

Step 8: Rivet Tabs to Bracelet

Take these pieces and rivet these on just like the loop segments, but we’ll only have one Brass Plated Loop to rivet on. Leave the hole on the end with the Round Strap End Punch open.

Step 9: Set a Snap

Using the Anvil from your Rivet Setter kit, set a Snap in the open holes, and your leather cuff is complete!