Introduction: Mermaid Monofin (NOW DONE!!)

So... you wanna be a mermaid, huh? Well, like me, the first thing you should do is find a sea witch! JUST KIDDING! Please don't do that, you're voice is SO worth it, trust me! No, the first thing is making yourself a monofin. If you're broke and a teen who lives with her parents who think she's kinda nuts, the best thing is to make one, because these puppies can get EXPENSIVE!!!!! So, here we go!

Step 1: Choosing Your Shape!

First, my fellow mermaids, you need to choose the shape you want your tail to be! This requires quite a bit of Google research, but to make it easy on you, i included the chart i used to make my fin. Mine isn't completely done as i haven't figured out a good way to hold my feet. Ideas are encouraged in the comments! Anyways, I chose to do a simple variant on the first one.

Step 2: Getting Your Materials!

Unfortunately, I didn't plan on making this an instructable, so i don't have pictures on the process. Oops! What I used is a lid from a plastic bin that my mom didn't need anymore. Mine was Sterilite. BE WARNED: IT TOOK ME AT LEAST AN HOUR TO CUT IT OUT, AND I USED GARDEN SHEARS! So yeah... after that, it's time for the second most time consuming part: covering it in duct tape!

Step 3: Covering in Duct Tape

you will need a minimum of two colors and three layers. Why? so it looks nice and doesn't scrape your pool! I covered it first in three two layers of grey duct tape. Then, i took a red sharpie and marked where i wanted my feet to go. Next, i covered it in a layer of blue duct tape, as that is my favorite color! I also added a Heal the Bay sticker and some packing tape over that to keep it there. Yay!

ALL DONE! Enjoy your floppy fin, you mermaid you! Also, if you've got ANY ideas on how to hold my human feet there, please feel free to tell mama mermaid lady (as i'm called by friends) in the comments!

Step 4: So... I'm Done!

So the title said mostly done. Well, yesterday, i figured it out! I use felt and some lining fabric to make a space to hold my feet. After a lot of hot glue to hold it in place, i measured some elastic to hold my feet in. I'm done! yay!