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Introduction: Metal Art|Embossed Painting

Welcome to my new tutorial. I made stag painting on metal sheet / pewter sheet. It is very easy to make. Please try it at home and don't forget to Like & SUBSCRIBE my channel.


Pewter Sheet,

Craft Foam Sheet,

Modelling Ball Tools,

Canvas Board,

Paper Cutter

Glass Paint (Royal Blue, Brown, Light Brown, Violet and Orange)


Step 1: Metal Sheet for Embossing

  • I used metal sheet / pewter sheet for embossing.
  • I used Modelling Ball Tools for embossing. For more detail, please watch video.
  • I used sketch of stag.
  • I used Canvas Board.

Step 2: Coloring

  • I always used glass paint on pewter sheet.
  • I used glass paint Royal Blue, Brown, Light Brown, Violet and Orange on it.

Step 3: Final Pictures

Here are few final pictures of my stag embossed painting.

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    2 years ago

    Great project. This brought back a memory of a faux embossed painting I did in elementary school art class. I wanted to add this for any who like it but don’t have the tools or skills.....or have kids. Take paperboard and draw what you want in pencil then go overboard it in elmers glue. Let it dry and wrap with aluminum foil. then rub it to get the details. For ease we then used shoe polish to color it but you could be more colorful as above.

    Great project and thanks for the memory!