Introduction: Metal Art|Embossed Painting

Welcome to my new tutorial. I made stag painting on metal sheet / pewter sheet. It is very easy to make. Please try it at home and don't forget to Like & SUBSCRIBE my channel.


Pewter Sheet,

Craft Foam Sheet,

Modelling Ball Tools,

Canvas Board,

Paper Cutter

Glass Paint (Royal Blue, Brown, Light Brown, Violet and Orange)


Step 1: Metal Sheet for Embossing

  • I used metal sheet / pewter sheet for embossing.
  • I used Modelling Ball Tools for embossing. For more detail, please watch video.
  • I used sketch of stag.
  • I used Canvas Board.

Step 2: Coloring

  • I always used glass paint on pewter sheet.
  • I used glass paint Royal Blue, Brown, Light Brown, Violet and Orange on it.

Step 3: Final Pictures

Here are few final pictures of my stag embossed painting.

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