Metal Bender




Introduction: Metal Bender

With this metal bender you could bend 1/4 thick metal.... have fun making things and hope you guys like it...

Step 1: Tools

For this you will need

grinder,pliers,drill, drill bit, safety glasses , Ear muffs, spanners, tape measure, Vise Grip, Work Bech,

Step 2: Materials

Angle Braket 1"X1"x6" one Piece.

Metal Bar Flat 16"long or longer X 1" X 5mm thick one piece

3 Very Stong Bolts 3 inches long and Nuts locking nuts if you have them...

and some kind of sleeve to give the bolts more strengh.

Step 3: Holes....

On the Base The Angle Bracket.... Drill to Holes about 2 inches apart..

On the Handle The Flat piece Drill 3 Holes About 1 inch apart.

Make sure NOT to make the holes too big.

Step 4: Bolts

Place a Botl on the 1 Hole of the Base making sure that its secure and Not Moving At all.....

Step 5: Arm and Base.....

Place the Bar on top of base and place a bolt on the Second Hole of the base and middle hole of the Arm.

This Bolt Must be Very Strong. with a metal sleeve this is where the bending takes place....

Step 6: Bolt 3 Support Bolt.

place a bolt on the last hole of the arm making sure that its secure and Not Moving......

once all is assembled get bending... 1/4 thick material is ok to bend with this particular model.

To bend push arm away from your body. base must be placed on a Vise make sure its secure.

place material to be bended on the out side of Bolt one, making sure that it goes on top or the inside of Bolt 2

and that it goes on the outside of Bolt 3.. then pull handle "Arm" towards your body until you get the desired bend angle.

i made a wood handle just to make it easier on the hands.........

have fun......

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    2 years ago on Step 4

    I really like this tool. I'm going to my shed to get some steel from my odds and ends and make one today.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Reply 2 years ago

    i'm glad you like the tool... hope to see pistures of the one you make.....


    2 years ago

    I have one I made 45 years ago . its a piece of galvanised water pipe about 1 inch and 3 foot long . Feed the galvanised solid rod into it and out at the end about a foot then the pipe is fixed with a bolt to a base so it can bend the rod 90 degrees. Turn the rod the opposite way in the pipe and bend the other way . Keep moving the rod further in and what you get is called wriggle bar and is ideal for shed trusses , cement boat frames ,etc. I'll try get a photo here soon