Introduction: Metal Folding and Adjustable Chair Frame for Meditation

Meditation Chair

Meditation chair is comfort chair designed with objective of giving comfort to person sitting for meditation for long time , this is designed considering ergonomics and aesthetic which make someone feel energetic on it

Major things to be consider into desiging

1 It should have adjustable backrest so anyone can lean as per his requirement and can sit on this for long time

2 It should have comfort sitting

3 it should be foldable

For designing and developing anything I first start with development of roadmap , which give me clear understanding of process

Roadmap for development of chair

1 Ideation and concept development

Idea is to make affordable relaxing Meditation chair which one can use for long time and have comfort with caring this, putting this on floor or bed etc.

Reference -

This have varieties of meditation chair which you can see for reference for understanding requirement and concept development

2 CAD designing

I prefer wireframe model of solidworks for making CAD model of this chair

i am attaching now the only dimensional sketch which have all the dimensions and sizes you need to make this frame and 2d cad drawing and 3d wireframe model I will update soon

3 material selection and purchase

For selecting material for chair I have to consider 3 things

A strength of chair

B weight of chair

c manufacturing process considering time and cost

d availability

PVC Pipe - considering strength this is good material but it breaks on bending along its length and for making chair ., using pvc pipe with thicker gauge can work but its joineries are not so strong on loading it may break from joinery, Pvc is light in weight so you can use it, Manufacturing with PVC pipe is easy but making foldable and adjustable chair with this isdifficult as you can use pre fabricated joineries with pvc pipe so you have to design as per them , and considering availability it is easily available

Metal pipe -consideing strength metal in general are strnger but also depend upon gauge / thickness of pipe , consideing weight they are heavy in comparision to PVC and manufactring chair with them involve drilling , cutting , and welding process so it may be time consuming but give you desire results also they are easily available

finally considering strength as import factor we go with metal pipe also it is easy to design and implement any custom joinery for making it adjustable and fo

Step 1: Cutting , Bending and Welding Pipe

The process for starting the making chair is

  1. Mark on the pipe as per your dimension
  2. Cut the pipe pieces as per dimensions, here i am using waste pipe pieces so i join smaller pieces to achieve the desired dimension
  3. bend the pipe as per design requirement
  4. weld together the bend pipe and pieces to make the complete frame as shown in figure

i added dimensional drawing as per that you can make the two frames one for sitting and one for backrest as shown, for pipe bending i use manual bending setup as per my diameter of pipe which is of 12 mm and 2mm gauge, for cutting i use band saw as shown while cutting always wear gloves and apron as to avoid the grinding arc fall on hands and clothes , for welding, i use electric arc welding and wear welding helmet to safe your eyes

Step 2: Drilling and Grinding Frame

once you make two frames i.e one frame for backrest and another frame for sitting, now you need to join them here i am using nut and bolts to hold them as it gives movement along its axis so one can fold the chair along this

here we are ready with frame which we can fold but we need backrest frame to support at a certain height for which i weld half cut washers of 8 mm internal dia as shown and use 8 mm rod to fix in between them which is also bolted on vertical frame as shown so that i can adjust the chair backrest at different angle

also for removing weld beads we need to grind this for grinding wear safety gears apron , safety helmate and gloves and also notice the position of holding the hand grinder which is very important in grinding as improper holding this may cause injury

Step 3: Fixing Frame and Painting It

for fixing vertical frame and frame for backrest i used nut and bolt assembly between them , and i can adjust the angle so one can lean his body on chair by fixing the 8mm rod on verticle frame which rest on semicircular washers which i weld on frame .

i paint this using black oil paint directly but i advice you to first paint this with red oxide than apply oil paint on it to make it rust proff for long time

Step 4: How This Chair Works and Where You Can Use This

how this works

i will add foam on the frame which will be in between two layers of clothes covering pipes and foam inside from both sides so you are going to sit on foam and same foam and cloth will be on the backrest,

where to use

1 i am going to use this chair for sitting on the floor with backrest

2 i am going to use this for sitting in the garden on garden floor

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