Introduction: Metal Gift Tags

I used these on my Square Eggs but I think that they could be useful for lots of gifts.

Step 1: Ingredients

  • aluminium can
  • biro
  • water colour paint
  • backwards letters
  • old scissors (not the good scissors)

Step 2: Method

First I poked the can with some old scissors and cut off the top and bottom.

For some of the names I used a very old version of WordArt in Publisher, put the names in circles, saved them as a jpg and then mirrored them to print out.


Print the jpg from the ingredients list and cut out a circle, use the backward alphabet to draw the name on the circle.

Glue the circle to the outside of the can

Use the biro to press hard (very hard)

Cut around the circle and take off the paper

I tried a few different ways to clean the inside of the can, looking at the test piece now it looks like I should have left it, but I ended up using the alcohol to clean the circles.

Paint with the water colour

Step 3: Finished

I glued the tags to the my Square Easter Eggs (instructable coming soon).