Introduction: Metal Plane

hii !!

i am back !!

comes to the contest name metal contest . very very intresing !!

Metal work means we can make many things in metal work . and when i saw others instructable i saw peoples creativity i was suprised to see all others ...

today me and my Best friend are coming together to make a new invention named metal plane ...

But we are not making the plane you are thinking but something different something amazing..

soo lets get started ..


  • some screw bolts and screw
  • chassis
  • rc-3
  • screwdriver
  • shaft
  • a plastic made chair small sized
  • and two small tire
  • plastic made stearing

Step 1: First Part

First take chasis this is the main part of the project.

and take a metal bar folded shown above and take a screw with a bolt and screw it up !!

by both the sides.

if you have done then take the handle and screw it up !

handle is ready !

Step 2: Making of Seat

now this part is very easy to make !!

take the plastic seat you have made and screw it up shown it above .

Step 3: One More Seat

Now take one more seat and screw it up !!

with this only take two bended red color metal and scre it up in the ends.

now hold it from ahade and make it in shape of triangle shown above

Now take the metal rod and two tire and fix it from down shown in fig

Step 4: Twisting ...

Now twist the second seat and tight it from down

Step 5: Finally Ready

this is my new invented plane very cool and amazing ..

if you have seen it then for whom are you waiting get started !!!