Introduction: DIY Yellow Glittered Flower Leaf Bracelet !!

hii friends,

do you like to wear bracelet . do you if yes so you should shorely see this project .

so today i am going to make bracelet with beautiful color yellow.

so lets get started !!


  • flower and leaf puncher
  • glitter paper of any color
  • thread
  • needle
  • glue
  • shining small beads
  • hook and loop
  • pair of scissor

Step 1: Lets Get Started

Now take glitter paper and the puncher and punch some of the flower and leafs

now take thread roll and take your hand size and cut it.

and keep the 6 to 7 cm more .

Step 2: Sticking

now take the measured thread and a punched flower then stick one flower below and one above it.

Step 3: All Other

like this do all other with any pattern .

Step 4: Final Sticking

now take the needle and press the flower and make the flower joint properly .

the main part is ready!!

Step 5: Hooking and Looping

Now take the measurment of your hand mark with a marker and tie the hook and loop on marker .

Step 6: The Corner Part

Now at the corner part like this stick two to three more.

Step 7: Final Decorating

Now take the glitter bead and stick it on the flower.

this will make it more beautiful .

Step 8: Finally Done!!

Now its ready to wear

yeeeeeeeee !!!

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