Introduction: Secret Flower Vase


i think so your money is not secured and safe .

so today i am going to make a secret place for your things .

first of all i think so you all have a flower vase at your home.

if yes so its for you all only.

so for what are you waiting for so lets get started !!!


artificial flower

a flower vase

a flower vase glass

some glittered leaf


Step 1: Lets Get Started !

Now so i think so we should decorate the vase.

so now take a plastic vase which is of any color i have shown a blue color vase which is kept inside a glass.

now take some blue strips and some glitter leaf and stick it in plastic vase.

now keep the vase inside.

The vase is ready.!!!

Step 2: Flowers

Now take some flowers and some leaves and combine them together......

From the end stick little of the hot glue ......

so it get get combined and stick together .....

Step 3: Now Making of Flower Vase.

Now take the flowers you have made and take hot glue and pour little of it in the vase .

Now keep the the flowers inside .

Step 4: Now Hide.

Now if you have made then take money and then hide it in the leaves .

Step 5: Search It !!

Now find money hide at the place and if you found it then please comment that i found it !!

Hope you liked it .

Step 6:

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