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Introduction: Metal Wire Puzzle Solutions

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I was given a pack of Chinese Metal Wire Puzzles for Christmas. The solutions were provided on the back of the pack but needless to say they were pretty hard to decipher. Hopefully the pictures I've provided will aid you if you ever get stuck trying to solve a similar version. As with all entanglement puzzles, pictures are not the easiest way to see a solution. Therefore, I've included a video for the four puzzles shown.

Step 1: Puzzle #1

All four puzzles are similar. As you can see from this picture, brute force will work to separate the pieces. However, for each puzzle, there is a non-forced trick for solving.

Step 2: Puzzle 1 - Step 1

Position the pieces as shown.

Step 3: Puzzle 1 - Step 2

Rotate as shown

Step 4: Puzzle 1 - Step 3

Rotate again

Step 5: Puzzle 1 - Step 4

Start sliding

Step 6: Puzzle 1 - Step 5


Step 7: Puzzle #2

This puzzle is similar to the previous puzzle. Can you foresee the solution?

Step 8: Puzzle #2 - Step 1

Position pieces as shown.

Step 9: Puzzle #2 - Step 2


Step 10: Puzzle #2 - Step 3


Step 11: Puzzle #2 - Step 4


Step 12: Puzzle #3

This one is just two eye hooks. I found it the easiest of the group to solve.

Step 13: Puzzle #3 - Step 1


Step 14: Puzzle #3 - Step 2

Rotate again so the pieces flow through the loops. If this doesn't make sense, go to the video.

Step 15: Puzzle #3 - Step 3

Slide to solve

Step 16: Puzzle #4

This one was the hardest to show with pictures. Go to the video if it doesn't make sense.

Step 17: Puzzle #4 - Step 1

Position the pieces as shown.

Step 18: Puzzle #4 - Step 2


Step 19: Puzzle #4 - Step 3

Spin and rotate...just go to the video for this one :)

Step 20: Puzzle #4 - Step 4


Step 21: Actual Puzzle

This is a picture of the purchased puzzle and directions. Note that I only showed 4 of the 8 puzzles. A couple of the others are similar. I thought the spring puzzle wasn't worthy. I would have shown the horseshoe puzzle, but Seamster already posted a really nice version shown here.

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions and thanks for viewing!

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    2 years ago

    this really helps it is hard for me to solve some of thes but easy for others


    Reply 2 years ago

    Don't beat yourself up. The solution is always easy once you see it :). I have a bunch of puzzles and sometimes have to return to my own instructions to solve them!


    5 years ago

    I always love such type puzzles. But those seemed really easy to solve even before seeing the solution(s). It just seemed obvious to me how they worked. But most make you think a little for the solution. I like them either way.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yeah, me too. I agree, these are pretty straightforward. I assume most people could solve each one within a couple of minutes but I've been surprised before :). The simple button hole puzzle I posted a while back still drives people crazy.