Introduction: Metal Wire Tree With Swing

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Hi everyone, in this instructable project i used metal wire to make a tree with swing for sculpting challenge.

OK let's start..........


Thin Metal wires

Copper wires



Backside plate of the fan Regulator

glue (flex kwik)

Step 1: Size of the Wires

Take the metal wires with different length.

i used with 10 inch, 11 inch and 12 inch size wires.

Measure 3 inch from the bottom. From this point twist the all

wires together. it will make the main part of the tree structure.

Separate each wire at the bottom side. it will be the roots of the tree.

Step 2: Making the Main Branches

In the top portion, separate the wires on the left and right side of the main part.

Twist the two wires separately on the both side.

One part of the wires extends from middle.

This middle wire also be twisted.

Separate the wires at bottom side also, it will be the roots.

Step 3: Making the Small Branches

Take one small piece of wire. Joint it with main branch and twist it.

Now take the copper wire and attach it with another small wire.

Joint this copper wire branch with the end of the main branch.

Make number of branches as per your choice.

Step 4: Attaching the Roots and Final Steps

now time to attach the roots with the plate.

for the base part i used backside plate of the ceiling fan regulator.

Bend the roots and insert on the holes of the plate. Apply glue for fixing.

Next take small pieces of the wires. Make it like a doll shape.

Take 8 inch length of the wire. bend it with 3 inch on both side and 2 inch on bottom side for the swing structure.

Now attach the doll and swing together using glue.Take this swing and joint it one of the branch.

That's it. we have finished our project.

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